Astley Park

The park is large and very well maintained by the council, who own it for the town.  There is a lot of mature woodland and many beautiful specimen trees

Astley Hall is in the park estate and is well worth a visit, Wikipedia has more info here and there’s also information from the council here There’s quite a vista as you walk through the park, approaching the hall

and when you reach the hall, it’s very imposing

The door is well guarded

but once you’re safely inside there is plenty to see.

The Main Hall has a beautiful fireplace

and there is the Tapestry Room

and the Study

and someone else guarding the fire

There is a great deal of ornate carving, like this finial at the bottom of the stairs

and once upstairs you find the Dining Room

and in another room someone is keeping a serious eye on what’s going on

As is typical, all the windows are comprised of small leaded panes but you can still get views of the park

and the gardens

and once you’ve finished your tour of the house and the exhibitions, etc. that are regularly held there you can get refreshments at the café and sit out in the gardens to enjoy them

with some famous company

His story is here

and you can always feed the ducks…

So that’s a quick preview of what you’ll find, why not visit the hall and park one weekend and see the other parts I’ve left out.  The autumn colours in the trees are beautiful


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